Torque Wrench Calibration – Mobile Calibration Services

Tex At Site provides a genuine mobile calibration service for torque wrenches with a range from 1.25-1500Nm. Calibration of torque multipliers, torque screwdrivers, and torque transducers is also offered.

Our flexible service is designed to meet your needs, therefore eliminating equipment downtime.


Regular calibration will document the accuracy of your torque wrench so you know your measurements are correct and help to:

  • Prevent expensive equipment damage
  • Prevent personal injury
  • Meet safety requirements
  • Prevent costly recalls
  • Prevent expensive component failure due to incorrect measurements
  • Ensure compliance to industry standards
  • Meet ISO9000 and legislative requirements
  • Demonstrate compliance by recording all data, re-test periods, and asset numbers in our live database to create a history of your assets.

Instead of relying on inaccurate tools that make your job harder than it should be, why not consider making use of our torque calibration services? With the purpose of ensuring that your torquing tools are operating at peak performance with the highest degree of accuracy, our services are fundamental to maintaining prowess in your profession.

Why You Should Use Our Torque Wrench Calibration Services

Maintaining and calibrating torquing tools are essential duties of any craftsman’s responsibilities, as the quality of your tools implicates your service delivery and finished product. When unsure about why you should calibrate your torquing tools, consider this:

  • As a general rule, torquing tools should undergo calibrations every six to twelve months to help limit liabilities and promote quality of work. We can service torque wrenches with a range of 1.25 to 1500 Nm.
  • Keeping your tools operational and accurate can avoid unnecessary halts in production or service delivery. From torque multipliers and screwdrivers to transducers, we provide services to a wide range of tools.
  • Calibrating your tools helps you and your business adhere to international safety and quality standards.

What Sets Us Apart?

By having us keep your tools calibrated, we can encourage a safe work environment for you and your staff, help prevent injuries and costly recalls, as well as maintain compliance with industry standards. Preventative maintenance serves as a way of avoiding the avoidable, and assures you that your tools will not fail when you need them most.

Rather than taking chances with the safety of your products, services, and staff, why not have us calibrate your torquing tools?

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