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In addition to our various storage facilities across Australia, Tex At Site has three offices located in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Darwin. Want to send your equipment to us for testing or calibration? Visit our contact page to find a Tex At Site location near you!

High-Quality Temperature Calibration Services Australia Wide

When your business relies on accurate temperature data, it’s important to ensure your instruments are calibrated regularly. Here at Tex At Site, we provide on-site calibration services for a diverse range of temperature equipment including: -Thermometers -Resistance Temperature Detectors -Thermocouples, and -Dry Block Calibrators These services can be carried out on-site by our field technicians … Continue reading High-Quality Temperature Calibration Services Australia Wide

The Experts in Micrometer Calibration

Need to get your micrometer calibrated but have no time for workplace interruptions? Avoid unnecessary, expensive freight and downtime with Tex At Site’s on-site dimensional calibration service. Our team of technicians are experienced in calibrating micrometers both internal and external and will get the job done around your schedule.

Risks of Not Calibrating Your Measuring Equipment

The risks associated with not calibrating your measuring equipment can be much higher than the cost of calibration. Some of these risks include: -Reduced accuracy in measurements -Product recalls -Unscheduled equipment downtime -Penalties for non-compliance, and -Safety hazards Here at Tex At Site, we can take care of all your calibration needs to ensure that … Continue reading Risks of Not Calibrating Your Measuring Equipment

How to Prevent Your Equipment From Falling out of Specification

Most instruments require preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Without regular testing and calibration, equipment may fall out of specification which poses a risk to quality, accuracy, compliance, and safety. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to book in your service.

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